Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Microalbumin Test and Type 2 Diabetes

In clinic, in most of time, microalbumin is used to monitor the occurrence of kidney disease. The test of microalbumin is the most allergic and reliable index which is used to diagnose kidney disease in the early stage. For normal people, we should test microalbumin once a year. For those who have increased level, they should have a test every three months. In this case, we can have a prevention and timely treatment. As for patients with Type 2 Diabetes, it is more important.
In recent 20 years, the morbidity of Type 2 Diabetes is increasing day by day. At present, all over the world, there are 150 million people are suffering from it, aging from 20 to 79. The countries which rank in front are India, China and America. In total, the number is 70 million. In China, the rate is also increasing year after year.
A large amount of research has proved that Type 2 Diabetes is a risky factor which can even lead to end stage kidney disease, and even cardiovascular disease. In addition, nearly half of patients with Type 2 Diabetes have high blood pressure. Among Type 2 Diabetes, the amount of albumin in urine is the dangerous factor which can lead to death. With the increased density of albumin in the urine, the survival rate decreases. We can also say that microalbumin is the earliest clinical evidence for the diagnosis of diabetic nephropathy.
Once the microalbuminuria of Type 2 Diabetes develops into proteinuria, the renal function will decline further. Generally, when the protein in urine leaks out, it indicates that patients have developed into at least the second stage of Diabetic Nephropathy.
As for the care plan, patients with Type 2 Diabetes should control the intake of sugar, blood pressure and so on. For more information, please consult us online or email us.
In recent years, some authoritative kidney disease experts hold the idea that youngster and adults both should pay attention to the prevention of kidney disease. With people becoming more and more rich, the life quality is increased. Diabetic Nephropathy appears, following high sugar diet, high blood pressure, obesity and so on. Patients who have been diagnosed with Diabetic Nephropathy become younger than those before. So prevention of Diabetic Nephropathy with albumin becomes more and more significant.

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