Sunday, June 30, 2013

How to Decrease Protein in Urine?

How to decrease protein in urine? This is a question which is put forward by chronic kidney disease patients who have protein in urine and the urine which contains a large amount of protein is called proteinuria. Generally, in a normal condition, there is a little protein in urine, the amount of which is about 40mg to 80mg. The maximum is 150mg. Youngsters have higher level. If there is more than 150mg per day, we can call it proteinuria.
Proteinuria can be caused by many factors such as long time standing, taking exercise, and so on, all of which are just for the time being and can disappear some time later. However, if the protein in urine lasts for more than three months, which is often accompanied by hematuria, and sometimes with decreased glomerular filtration rate, which is short for GFR.
Long time protein in urine will of course lead to a series of damage. Firstly, if there is more protein in urine, there consequently must be less protein in the plasma, which is called hypoproteinemia in clinic. In turn, hypoproteinemia will lead to edema or swelling in the body. So once there appears protein in urine, especially when it lasts for a long time, chronic kidney disease patients will become anxious and seek for an effective treatment.
To decrease the protein in urine has become the focus of the chronic kidney disease patients. How to achieve it? To solve the problem, we should firstly figure out why and where protein leaks out into urine. Protein leaks out from the filtration membrane of kidney, the structure of which is just like a griddle, in which, there are many pores. The diameter of the pores is limited, so in normal condition, there are only small molecules which can pass through such as creatinine. However, when the kidney suffers from damage, the filtration membrane will also be damaged, the diameter of whose pores will also change. In this case, some bigger molecules such as protein will leak out, thus causing protein in urine.
Since that we have figured out the reason why there appears protein in urine, we can think over the solutions to decrease the protein in urine.
Chinese Medicine can make it. It is abstracted from traditional Chinese medicine, which is more convenient and the ratio of use is also more effective in contrast to the traditional Chinese medicine. It is from Chinese herbs mostly, so it contains nutritious and active materials which can give nutrition to the damaged filtration membrane, thus repairing it. After that, the pores’ diameter turns normal, thus stopping the leaking out of protein in urine.

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